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Robotaqnia- A STEM Accredited Organisation with the flagship of Training 10,000 + children globally on robotics and coding classes are now expanded the presence in UAE to collaborate with schools, institutes for robotic education, and Lab -setups in school. It’s an excellent opportunity to acquire our affiliation and raise the school bar with our international accreditation. 


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How STEM accreditation helps schools and children?

To remain in competition while retaining the old students and increasing numbers of admissions, the schools need to continue working on adapting new norms and incorporating the best learning methodologies that help the student in academics and prepare them for the futuristic decisions.


  • At robotaqnia, a STEM Accredited Organization, we work closely with schools for incorporating robotics and coding classes based on stem principles along with regular academics.
  • We guide schools to understand the current education system, and its requirements, and how-to bring modification accordingly.
  • We educate schools on the importance of STEM education and its benefits on children’s learning.
  • We assist them on smooth transfer from a traditional to technology-enabled education system.
  • We train the staff, teachers on implementing in classroom learning.
  • We monitor the progress of children at regular intervals before introducing the new concepts.
  • Our Robotic Lab-setups in schools are fully technology-equipped for children to learn, experiment, develop, and execute hands-projects.

What Children will learn?


  • Learn to Design
  • Understand coding and component assembling
  • Explore the motherboard
  • Experiment with the circuits
  • Write & execute the Programming code
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Why is STEM robotics Important to learn, and how it's helping the children?

Robotics and coding classes for kids are all about experimenting, learning, coding, assembling, and practically doing things. Parallelly it helps develop logical, critical, and analytical skills by working on real-time robotics projects.
We at Robotaqnia teach the robotics concepts in the simplest way for any Child to learn, Grasp, and Understand it.

Outcome of the Program

  • It helps in developing an Intelligent IQ
  • Critical, Logical, and Analytical Skills
  • Aptitude and Problem-solving skills
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Develops Competitive Spirit
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Robotics Classes

Robotaqnia – Robotics and Coding classes for children ( 8 to 16 years) from Beginner to Advance Programs and when children attend robotic courses at an early age, where they learn to design, code, and assemble, they develop their ability to think, act, and perform on their capabilities

Robotic Workshops

Robotics Classes

The robotic workshop's main aim is to introduce children to the exciting world of robotics, coding, and programming. The children learn to build simple to complex robots with guidance from our technical expertise.

Robotics Lab-Setups in Schools

Robotics Classes

With our expert knowledge and experience in robotics, we are partnering with schools for Robotic Lab-setups with necessary tools, instruments, and kits and implement STEM accredited curriculum along with regular education.

Participation Certificate
The best training we ever attended in robotics; it helps children know about coding, programming and designing like a pro.
John Doe
The best training we ever attended in robotics; it helps children know about coding, programming and designing like a pro.
John Doe
In pandemics, we took the right decision to enroll our child in robotics classes. He enjoys the sessions and shows improvement in academics as well.
John Doe
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About Us

With over 7+ years of experience in Technology oriented education/training through collaboration with schools/colleges/ professional institutions and registered our first international organization in the UAE