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Robotics and Coding classes

Robotaqnia offers robotics and coding classes from Beginner to Advance Programs for ( 8 to 16 Years) with STEM Accredited Certificate.

Robotic classes- Robotaqnia


Children find it fun

Children of all age groups are very competitive and take challenges in a positive way. For example, asking the children to build a robot and setting a running race to see which robot goes fastest works well.

Effective way of introducing programming to students

Programming can be too abstract and makes children follow instructions. By controlling a physical robot and seeing what goes wrong, children learn what robots can and can't do.

Provides skills useful in future employment

There's no doubt that children need to be involved in programming and mechanical devices for their foreseeable future. The drone industry is selling more than 15,000 drones in the US each month.

Robotics Education Vs. Career Selection

Even if these kids choose a career other than coding or robotics, learning robotics teaches them many critical skills such as analytical thinking, teamwork, collaborative thinking, innovation, creativity, and many more.

Key Takeaways of the programs

Robotaqnia believes in introducing robotic classes to children at an early age to develop their ability to think, act, and challenge their capabilities. 



At the basic Program, the child will explore electronics' concepts focusing on Power, Conventional energy, motor mechanism, and Switching concepts. As part of this program, the child will work on the following projects to get the practical exploration of electronic ideas.



At this level, we introduce Sensors, Sound, Vibrators, and directional concepts and to real-time operational concepts of electrical/motors.  The child learns about the hardware interfacing through the programming code and works on the following projects to better understand the code. 

robo 1.2.3


At the advanced level, the child learns about the automation and wireless data transmission concepts. The broadcasting of the information through electromagnetic signals provides the robot's inputs to function as per the instructions to studied in detail and a practical application of the projects.

Robotaqnia – Robotic Projects adopt the scientific approach, train them to work on ideas, develop the designs, and execute code to create different functional robots ranging from wired controlled robots to cloud-based controlled robots.

Basic Projects

  1. Energy generation
  2. Mechanical to light energy
  3. Solar to light energy
  4. Electrical to mechanical energy
  5. Electrical to sound energy
  6. LED testing
  7. Color LED finder
  8. LED on
  9. Color combination project
  10. Multiple LED glowing
  11. Light control by switch project
  12. Sound control by switch project
  13. Motor clock wise rotation project
  14. Antilock wise rotation project
  15. Wired control robot

Intermediate Projects

  1. Code designing
  2. Sentences creating by code
  3. Math table design by code
  4. Algebraic problem solves by code
  5. Light glowing by code
  6. Light on/off control project by code
  7. Multiple LED glowing by code
  8. LED series design by code
  9. Traffic signal project
  10. Emergency indicator deign by LED project
  11. Motor clock wise / antilock wise rotation project
  12. Motor control by code project
  13. Automation robot
  14. Distance measurement project
  15. Movement detector light on/off project
  16. Thief detector project
  17. Obstacle detector robot

Advance Projects

  1. Auto feedback answer project
  2. LED chasing project
  3. LED light effect project
  4. LED pattern design project
  5. Shape design by LED project
  6. Wireless LED on/off project
  7. Wireless multiple LED on/off project
  8. Wireless motor on/off project
  9. Wireless robot control by Bluetooth project
  10. Introduction of advance automation project