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Robotic Lab - setups in schools

Robotaqnia: We are expertise in Robotics Lab - setups in schools and institutes by following all the STEM parameters with required robotics tools and kits.

"Robotic Lab-setup in schools is a great way of introducing Practical learning to the children "
Liaquath ali

Robotics Lab setups in schools

We provide Robotic Lab setups in the Schools with all required experimental tools, components, and kits to help children get on-hand experience. Having a robotic lab in school prepares children for the next level of learning, where they learn to do everything practically and understand it in a much better way.

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Process of Robotic lab setup

Our Technical Team to survey the schools, and with further discussion on collaboration with the management, we’ll explore the investment possibilities, parent payment capabilities, and other miscellaneous options. Based on the discussion outcome and inputs received, our team will work on the different modules of the Lab set up accordingly.

Robotaqnia- Seminars/webinars for parents

After a formal agreement and Memorandum of Understanding is discuss with the school, Robotaqnia will plan out seminars/Webinars to the staff, management, and parents covering the below activities.

  Importance of STEM-based Education
· Key offerings from Robotaqnia
· Schedule and Contents of the Program
· Advantages & Benefits of the Program
· FAQ sessions

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Key takeaways from the robotic lab setups in schools

There is great scope for schools to grow with us. our robotic lab- setups allow schools to smoothly transit from regular teaching methodology to STEM accredited Curriculum. It will raise the school bar for having an international accredited association organization and it boosts school persona among parents.

Importance of Robotic lab

Having a robotics lab in school is very important as it prepares the children for the 21st-century workforce.

Real - World Situations

It gives students an environment to learn how to persist, solve problems, and increase their maturity levels in preparing them for real-world situations

Learn Programming

It encourages students to realize their ability to build robots and learn programming languages

Get Ready for Industry

Students learn to understand teamwork, and they know to collaborate and execute and bridge the gap between the industry requirements and the current academics

Project Based Activity

Students get training on state-of-the-art robotics and embedded labs and learn to perform project-based activities.

International Certificate

Above all, an International Accredited certificate after the completion of each module.