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Robotaqnia - Best Robotics Training for Kids ( 8 to 16 years) with accreditation from STEM.Org


 Robotics Training and Development – Robotaqnia conducts live Robotics and Coding classes for the kids (8 to 16 years) online, workshops, and Lab- setups in school with STEM  Accreditation Certificate.

Why should Robotics and Coding classes be taught along with studies?            


  It’s a Proven fact that Robotics and Coding classes for kids are instrumental in developing critical, logical, and analytical skills and making them ready for a futuristic career. While still in school, they learn about power, energy, conductor, power stimulation,  motor mechanism, connections, switch two concepts, gravity, fiction, and many more concepts.



The Outcome of the Programs will be


  • An Intelligent IQ
  • Critical, Logical, and Analytical Skills
  • Aptitude and Problem-solving skills
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Develops Competitive Spirit

Learning about robotics helps in whatever career path one chooses with a solid foundation through developing and executing projects.

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Key Takeaways of our Programs

Robotics and coding classes for kids is all about experimenting, learning, coding, assembling, and practically doing things. We teach the robotics concepts in the simplest way for any Child to learn, Grasp and Understand

  • Learn to design
  • Understand coding and component assembling
  • Explore the motherboard
  • Experiment with the circuits
  • Write & execute the Programming code


Participation Certification

Parent's Testimonials about the Programs

It is one of the best robotic workshops that we attended, and it's all through practical knowledge. My kids enjoy designing and developing robots. .
Farhan khan
The faculty was outstanding; he taught everything from scratch, and children enjoy with wires, motherboard, and developing it into the final product. .
Robotaqnia workshop
Suliaman ahmed
The best about robotaqnia online classes it is fun and interactive. The children grasp the concepts easily. We're glad that we enrolled our kids in their program. .
Arman siddiqui

About Us

With over 7 + years of experience in IT, education in association with reputed organizations, and accreditation from have trained more than 10,000 + students through workshops, internships, and online training. We are in UAE through our new registered organization Robotaqnia Training and Development - FZE  

Our Core Value

We at Robotaqnia believes that education and technology should go hand in hand. We give children the platform to develop logical, critical, and analytical skills in fun and interactive by designing simple to complex robots in a live environment through our automated programs.

About our Programs

Robotaqnia introduces robotics and coding classes for kids  (8 to 16 years). Our programs follow STEM Principles, i.e., Science, Maths, Engineering, and Technology, which should be teach integrated into one Program. By joining our programs, the child knows about robotics and learns to be a creator, adapt the scientific approach, work on their ideas, develop the design, and code it to the final product.

Basic level

We introduce robotics, and children learn about components, energy conversion, and design the wind and solar energy generation model. It helps them explore geometry, shapes, state of matters, heat, and energy. They develop wired robots on various themes.


Intermediate level

We introduce robotics with advanced features like sensors, robot increasers, coding language, controlling the robots at the Intermediate level. These age group children learn how to control robots with the movement of a remote button

Advance level

We offer advanced programs for high schoolers by incorporating coding to understand physics, mathematics, and programming languages in a much easier way. Our Programs focus on making them ready for future career selection 

FAQ's about the Programs

The program is designed for children in the age group of 8Yrs-16Yrs

Yes, before the Covid-19, most of our programs were classroom oriented. Now due to the restrictions and keeping in view the safety measures, all our programs are delivered online


Yes, we do conduct face- face classes for a group of 12-15 children based on the requests received from the parents

A modern PC or a laptop with sufficient memory, USB headset and web camera (if using PC)

Initially when technical assessment is done, it means a thorough test of your child’s equipment (including headphones and webcam) is working fine. If you still experience any technical difficulties during the class, we will do our best to resolve them without taking away from the full classroom experience. If it is more serious, we will schedule a time to help you resolve it. We suggest everyone log on 5 minutes prior to the class start time so that any unexpected issues can be resolved prior to start of class.

Our classes are divided into sessions and each session is of 1.30-2.00 Hrs. The classes can be planned bi-daily and weekly. We help you Create Your Own Class that fits your schedule.

No, our virtual classroom offers a convenient way for your child to participate in a classroom environment with a real, live instructor.

Our Services

Robotic Lab

We do Robotics Lab Setups in the Schools with all required experimental tools, components, kits, and user manuals that help children get on-hand experience while doing it.

Robotic Workshops

The concept of robotic workshops is to introduce children to the advantages of robotic education, its impact on learning it, and how it improves their skills more productively and be future-ready professionals.


Robotics classes are conducted in online and offline. We partner with schools to conduct robotics classes and train the staff and management on how to implement STEM Education.

Proud to Announce
We are STEM Certified!

Features & Benefits is the longest continually-operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America.

Since 2001, has assisted with key initiatives that have been critical to the overall growth and proliferation of the movement, including early work on the 2005 STEM Congressional Caucus. team demonstrates the best in pedagogics / andragogics, supporting the world’s top brands, organizations and thousands of educators globally.

Better grasp of STEM concepts and education.

Work towards a common goal and cater across different grades of children.

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