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About Us- Robotaqnia

about us -robotaqnia

Robotaqnia: A STEM accredited organization pioneer in offering online robotics and coding classes for kids (8 to 16 years) and trained 10000+ students globally.


Our objective is to make children thinking innovatively, push their imagination to higher-end, and motivate themselves to develop problem-solving skills through our robotic education based on STEM-integrated principles combined with Science, Technology, and engineering Mathematical concepts.


To impart STEM-oriented robotics education via bringing schools on-board and provide the best robotic education that benefits them in many ways and prepares them with the future-ready skillset.

Company Overview

Pioneer in Robotic Education and Training with accreditation from STEM.org and implement STEM-oriented Robotic Programs in schools & educational institutions. 
ith over 7+ years of experience in Technology oriented education/training have successfully trained more than 10,000+ students through collaboration with schools/colleges/ professional institutions.
We have extended our presence globally and registered our first international office as Robotaqnia training and development –UAE.

about us -Robotaqnia

Objective of Robotaqnia

  1. The industry trend shows no connection between what children learn at what is required to be known, acquire, or gain knowledge that helps in their future career selection.
  2.    Many of the Kids found it challenging to adjust to the new change and failed to address the need and get ready for it?
  3. The education systems should adapt and prepare children for things that will be deciding factors in their career choices? 
  4. To overcome these challenges, the schools need to welcome new ideas, innovations, and support from the technology-enabled curriculum in bringing the best among their students.
  5. At robotaqnia, a pioneer in robotic education, is partnering with schools to bring awareness to the STEM accredited curriculum and principles and prepare children to be confident learners, enhancing their logical, critical, and problem-solving skills through robotics, coding, and programming classes.

Advantages of Robotics Education

We at Robotaqnia believe that if robotics education introduces at an early age, it will benefit the students in multiple ways. Even the research shows that coding in academics will help children develop critical, logical, and reasoning skills.
Today’s children are more fascinated by Technology, gadgets, and games as they find them more interactive and engaging. Our offerings are structured/developed in a systematic learning pattern to keep the children engaged and interested.

company overview-robotaqnia


We have started robotics classes as after school activity in our playschool. The trainer and the program were excellent, and there was a tremendous response from students. They enjoy learning and working with real robots and we recommend other schools to implement robotic education by robotaqnia.
Syeda Fatima
Director, AI Playschool
It was the right decision to associate with Robotaqnia school Lab-setup; we have seen the student's progress and interest in doing robotics and coding projects. They're many more that were new, and even our teachers are mentor by the robotaqnia team in incorporating STEM bases activities in classrooms."
Faiz Uddin
Director, Central Public School